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We appreciate your interest in contributing to The Gymtime Foundation’s 2011 New York Metropolitan Hospital Initiative.  Your donation will support the transformation of the hospital’s unused 6,000 square foot rooftop into a multi-faceted athletic field and recreational space.  The hospital is under-funded, and currently is unable to provide the children and adolescents in the inpatient psychiatric unit with a safe outdoor area.  As a result, these children and adolescents spend almost an entire year indoors.  The foundation will also be raising money to bring F.A.S.T. NYC and Success for Kids (SFK) to both the inpatient and outpatient children and adolescents at the NY Metropolitan Hospital. We can only accommodate this kind of request with your support, as the purchase and installation of the flooring, and training and implementation of F.A.S.T. NYC and SFK will cost over $65,000.

With your help we can achieve this year’s goal and provide better opportunities for the children and adolescents at the NY Metropolitan Hospital Center.  Please review our sponsorship opportunities.  We are certain you will find something that will appeal to you and/or your company.

$2,500 DONTATION: Brings FAST NYC to the New York Metropolitan Hospital.  FAST NYC will provide the hospital’s underfunded Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit with physical education, health, nutrition, and sports programs.

$1,225 DONATION: Provides the entire population of children and adolescents from the hospital’s inpatient and the continuing outpatient day treatment program with the materials needed to facilitate the SFK curriculum.

$500 DONATION: Will cover the costs for two teachers from the hospital to go through 10 hours of SFK training in order to bring the curriculum to the hospital’s child and adolescent patients.

$250 DONATION: For all business and corporate donations of $250 and above, we will include your business logo and a website link from your business to the “Friends and Sponsors” section of

$100 DONATION: For every donation of $100 and above, we will recognize your family as an annual supporter in a special “Thank You” section of

** Every donation of $250 and above includes VIP All-inclusive Family Tickets for 4 children (plus adults) to the Carnival on May 15, 2011.

*** Please send all logos in a high res jpeg file, along with your website URL to


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Carnival Ticket Purchase

If you would like to make a donation to the Gymtime Foundation in lieu of the above, we appreciate donations of any dollar amount.  Please make checks payable to THE GYMTIME FOUNDATION. 


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Please contact Bonni Branciforte in regards to additional ways to give and support our mission.

Bonni Branciforte
Founder of The Gymtime Foundation


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