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The Gymtime Foundation was established by Michael and Bonni Branciforte, founders of Gymtime Rhythm and Glues and York Avenue Preschool, to raise funds for causes dedicated to children’s health and wellness.  The Gymtime Foundation is a natural extension of their dedication to inspire a love of learning and to promote healthy self-esteem in an environment that is caring and values each child as an individual.  Our mission expands on the Branciforte Family’s vision to bring education, health and physical activity programs to under-served children throughout New York City.  We believe each child should have the opportunity to discover their talents, and the Gymtime Foundation seeks partnerships to educate and empower children to utilize their gifts to become successful, contributing members of their community. We believe every child deserves a safe, healthy environment to learn and play.
The Gymtime Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.  The Gymtime Foundation has no employees, incurs no administrative costs, and donates 100% of proceeds to worthy causes.

2011 New York Metropolitan Hospital Initiative

Our 2011 fundraising efforts will support children at the NY Metropolitan Hospital Center’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Service, many of whom come from economically disadvantaged families, suffer from debilitating mental health issues, and have been in foster care or lived in homeless shelters most of their young lives.  The foundation has researched different not-for-profit programs that provide multi-disciplinary approaches to learning.  We recognize these children have varying needs, challenges and learning styles.  It is our goal to provide the underfunded Metropolitan Hospital with as many tools as possible to help the children succeed while in the center and once they are discharged and return to their homes.  With your support, we hope to raise $65,000 to provide the following for these children:

  • Transform the hospital’s unused rooftop into a multi-faceted athletic field and recreational space.  Funds raised for this project will help cover the costs for purchase and installation of 6,000 square feet of soft, safe flooring. Currently, the facility is unable to provide these children with an opportunity to be outdoors.
  • Training staff within the hospital and providing programming for children to go through a social and emotional learning program, Success for Kids (SFK), whose curricula enhances “four personal strengths (interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills and improved self-sufficiency) and gives students a greater sense of purpose in their lives.” 
  • Supporting the mission of F.A.S.T. NYC to “inspire, develop character and teach New York City’s Youth how to live healthier and more productive lives through sports, fitness, and nutritional education, with a specific emphasis on obesity and Type 2 Diabetes prevention,” The Gymtime Foundation will continue to bring FAST NYC under-funded schools throughout New York City, including the NY Metropolitan Hospital Center.

We hope that you join us in supporting our belief that each child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow mentally, physically and emotionally. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of the under-served children of New York City. 

Thank you in advance for your support in achieving our mission.


Gymtime Foundation Board of Trustees

Bonni and Michael Branciforte
Lindsay Branciforte
Pamela and Glenn Dickstein
Allison and Howie Israeloff
Kim and Robert Morris
Shannon and Dr. Darren Pollack
Leah and Len Silverman
Lena and Chris Vollaro


Past Beneficiaries of the Gymtime Foundation

The Food Allergy Institute
Kids of NYU
Hackensack University
The Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology at Hackensack University Medical Center
National Eating Disorders Association
Ramapo for Children
Safe Horizon / The Manhattan Child Advocacy Center
U.S. Fund for UNICEF Haiti Recovery
NY Metropolitan Hospital Center’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Service


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